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Why Is YouTube Monetization Approval Taking So Long?


YouTube monetization approval is the process by which content creators on the platform get the green light to start earning revenue from their videos. This revenue comes in the form of ads that appear on their videos, and can be a significant source of income for many channels. However, in recent years, the approval process for monetization on YouTube has been taking longer than usual, leaving many content creators frustrated and wondering what the holdup is.

One of the main reasons for the delayed approval process is the change in YouTube’s policies and guidelines. In 2018, YouTube made significant changes to its monetization policies, in response to concerns about inappropriate content appearing on the site. Although these changes were ultimately for the better, they also made the approval process more complicated and time-consuming.

One of the biggest changes was the introduction of stricter eligibility requirements for monetization. In order to be eligible for monetization, channels must now have at least 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 watch hours in the previous 12 months. This means that many smaller channels are now unable to monetize their content, as they do not meet these requirements.

Another reason for the delayed approval process is the sheer volume of content being uploaded to YouTube every day. As of 2021, users are uploading over 500 hours of video to the platform every minute. This means that the teams responsible for reviewing and approving monetization applications are often overwhelmed, and can take longer than usual to get through the backlog.

Lastly, greater scrutiny on the types of content that can be monetized has also contributed to the delay. YouTube’s Advertising-friendly content guidelines have strict rules on what content is suitable for ad placement. As a result, videos that even hint of controversial topics or depictions, such as drugs, violence, and adult content, are subjected to closer scrutiny by YouTube’s review team, which further increases the approval process.

In conclusion, the approval process for YouTube monetization has become more challenging in recent years due to changes in YouTube’s policies and guidelines, along with increased volume of content being uploaded and greater scrutiny on the types of content that can be monetized. While this can be frustrating for content creators who want to start earning revenue as soon as possible, it is important to understand that these changes are ultimately designed to improve the quality and safety of content on the platform.

By Rodrigo

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