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Breaking Down YouTube’s New Monetization Policies for Shorts Creators

YouTube has recently announced new monetization policies for its Shorts creators. This move comes amidst the growing popularity of short-form videos on the platform and aims to provide better revenue opportunities for creators.

Here is a breakdown of the new policies:

1. $100 Million Shorts Fund

YouTube has set up a $100 million fund for creators who make engaging Shorts content. The fund is designed to reward creators for their efforts and encourage more creators to create Shorts videos for the platform. YouTube plans to distribute the fund over the course of 2021-2022, and creators will be eligible to receive a portion of the funds based on their Shorts’ views and engagement metrics.

2. Ad Revenue Sharing

YouTube will now be sharing ad revenue generated from Shorts with creators. Unlike the standard YouTube revenue sharing model, Shorts creators won’t need to meet the threshold of 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 watch hours to start earning revenue. Instead, YouTube will distribute the ad revenue based on a formula that takes into account the number of views and engagement metrics.

3. Short Form Video Creation Tools

YouTube is also investing in its Short-form video creation tools to encourage more creators to produce Shorts. The platform is testing a variety of tools, including a multi-segment camera to string together multiple clips, automatic captions, and a caption editor.

4. Copyright Protection

With the growing number of Shorts being uploaded, YouTube has also rolled out new copyright protection measures. Creators uploading Shorts with copyrighted materials will be notified and given the option to remove the audio or video or use YouTube’s ‘Remove Song’ tool, which replaces copyrighted audio with royalty-free music.

These new monetization policies of YouTube can serve as a significant boost for creators, especially those who are starting on the platform and are yet to meet the threshold for standard revenue sharing models. The Shorts monetization policies make it easier for creators to earn revenue and reach their audience while providing a new way for creators to monetize their content.

In conclusion, YouTube’s new monetization policies for Shorts creators are a welcome change for creators looking to produce shorter content and earn revenue. This move further highlights the platform’s commitment to investing in short-form video creation tools that can help creators create engaging content while being compensated for their efforts. Overall, this move is expected to attract more creators and encourage them to produce Shorts, leading to a richer and more diverse video ecosystem on the YouTube platform.

By Rodrigo

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