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Monetizing on YouTube just got harder: Changes to the rules explained


YouTube has been one of the most popular platforms for video content creators and vloggers to monetize their content. However, it recently became much harder for creators to monetize their content on the platform.

YouTube recently announced changes to its Partner Program that sets new requirements for minimum views and subscribers. These changes are aimed at improving the quality of content on the platform, but they also make it harder for new creators to get started and earn money from their content.

In the past, creators could join the partner program once they had 10,000 views on their videos. Now, they need to have at least 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 hours of watch time in the past year to qualify for monetization. This is a significant increase in the requirements and will make it much harder for new creators to start earning money on YouTube.

The new requirements are not just harder for new creators. Even established creators who already monetize their content on the platform will be affected. They will need to have met the new requirements by February 20, 2018, or they will be removed from the program and lose their ability to earn revenue from ads.

This change was brought about by a string of controversial content that appeared on the platform recently. Advertisers were unhappy when their ads appeared alongside offensive or controversial content, and many pulled their ads from the platform. YouTube responded by tightening up their policies and requirements for monetization.

While the changes may be frustrating for many creators, it is important to remember that YouTube is trying to protect advertisers on the platform. Advertisers are less likely to pull their ads if they know that YouTube is taking steps to ensure their content does not appear alongside offensive material.

Creators who are affected by these new changes may need to find alternative revenue streams to support their channels. Some may begin using alternative ad networks, or they may start using platforms that allow them to monetize their content in other ways, such as through sponsored content or merchandise sales.

In conclusion, YouTube’s new requirements for monetization will make it harder for both new and established creators to earn money from their content. However, it is a necessary step towards ensuring advertisers are happy with the platform and will not pull their ads. Creators will need to adapt and find new revenue streams to continue earning money from their content on the platform.

By Rodrigo

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