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YouTube aims to improve content quality with new monetization guidelines

Publicidade - OTZAds

The world’s most popular video platform, YouTube, has recently announced that it aims to improve content quality with new monetization guidelines aimed at protecting its viewers from harmful and offensive videos.

The company has been facing criticism from some advertisers who had their ads placed on inappropriate or extremist content, resulting in many of them pulling their ads from the platform. YouTube realized the need to address this issue and has taken some important steps to improve the quality of its content by introducing new monetization guidelines.

Publicidade - OTZAds

These new guidelines aim to prevent harmful and offensive content from being monetized, thereby discouraging creators from creating such content. This is a significant step towards ensuring the safety of users and their privacy while using the platform. Some of the key changes include:

1. Stricter eligibility criteria for monetization: YouTube has introduced new eligibility criteria for ads to appear alongside videos. Channels must have at least 4,000 watch hours in the previous 12 months and more than 1,000 subscribers to be eligible for monetization. This measure aims to encourage creators to produce high-quality content and ensure that they have built a loyal following before monetizing their content.

2. Manual review process: YouTube will now manually review all videos before ads can be placed on them. This means that creators will have to wait for the review of their content before monetization can be enabled. This will help prevent offensive and harmful content from making it past the automated review process.

3. Stricter community guidelines: YouTube has tightened its community guidelines, making it clear to creators what content is not acceptable. Creators who violate these guidelines may have their videos removed from the platform, and their ability to earn revenue may be impacted.

These changes are positive steps towards ensuring that YouTube is a platform that values quality content and upholds the trust of its users and advertisers. By preventing harmful and offensive content to monetize, YouTube aims to ensure that advertisers’ ads won’t be associated with inappropriate content. This, in turn, will increase the trust of the advertisers and provide them with better returns on their investments.

The new guidelines will not only benefit the advertisers but also the creators who prioritize the quality of their content. Creators who produce high-quality content and build a loyal following will see the benefits of monetization more quickly.

In conclusion, YouTube’s new monetization guidelines are an important step towards creating a safer and more trustworthy platform for viewers and advertisers alike. With a manual review process, stricter community guidelines, and stricter eligibility criteria, YouTube has taken significant steps to ensure that its content is of the highest quality. This will benefit both the creators and advertisers ultimately, creating a safer and more trustworthy platform in the long run.

By Rodrigo