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Carousel on facebook – how to earn with them

Publicidade - OTZAds

There are several ad platforms on the market today, but one of the most famous and the one that makes the most money is facebook ads, which is the facebook platform, but there is a type of ad that brings a lot of results to people, regardless of whether you are a beginner or not, that Carousel on facebook would be, where you add your products ads and facebook ads itself shows your ad with that option to go to the side and see the other products of the company. Among all the facebook catalog ads that you create, each one can be made for a type of ad, one for traffic, another for purchase, another for subscription, this is an innovative way to earn money. To profit from facebook ads, you have to know how to find engaged shoppers facebook ads, if you want to learn how to add admin to facebook business page, add user to facebook business page, understand the facebook post carousel and much more, you should know how each works setting type in facebook business.

You need to be careful with facebook branded content ads so that your ad is not caught with content from other brands, in addition to being able to have great results in Carousel on facebook with supermetrics facebook ads, that make every 1 dollar invested you earn 5 back. If you want to understand a little more about how to make money using Carousel on facebook as a tool, see this article until the end, which I will teach you.

How to make money with Carousel on facebook?

Publicidade - OTZAds

I will teach you how to earn with Carousel on facebook having little facebook ad limits, before teaching you I will talk a little more about facebook ads for you to understand the strategy. Facebook ads main function is to connect people with a taste related to a product, with the product being offered, this can be a physical product or a digital product such as ebooks, books, among others. You will need to create your Carousel on facebook from a facebook which you will then create the facebook business which is the place on facebook where you make the Carousel on facebook ads. Now the strategy that makes you money is as follows: have a website approved on google adsense or ezoic, but I recommend that you enter the google adsense program and make an ad sending people from your facebook business to your approved website on adsense, the most important tip is “be creative and attract attention” because the more people see your ad and click, the lower the amount invested in Carousel on facebook and the more the amount received in adsense.

Supermetrics facebook ads how to make it profitable:

Knowing how to create your campaign is something very important for a Supermetrics facebook ads, which consists of being able to have a low spending value while you are earning on the other side in commissions, sales or adsense, if you use the strategy given in the last paragraph. Catalog ads facebook is something very profitable, because you are paying low, for something that will return you a lot. Having good metrics on facebook is only possible for those who know how to create a good image or video that is impossible not to click, for example: If I create a campaign through Carousel on facebook and I put one of the photos an image of a bald person and I write: For today wearing a cap and an x ​​and in the title a facebook ads call to action calling the person like this “Well with calvex, you won’t have to hide your baldness anymore” see how to get hair back here… and I point to the button, in the other photo, I just put the photo of the product and write buy your calvex today with 35% off, the second photo of Carousel on facebook, only those people who know the product and other curious people will click, but if you put the first one, you will attract the attention of all the people who are bald, thus having much more result in your facebook catalog ads.

Beware of facebook ad limits

When we are creating our Carousel on facebook to not have the dreaded facebook ad limits, which when they happen can limit the ads of our business manager or even block our account, however there are some simple steps we can follow to prevent this from happening with our facebook ads, the first is: read the facebook ads policies, which will have everything very well explained there, thus making us very protected in relation to any rule, making sure that we will not violate it in the creation of our Carousel on facebook, the second way is: don’t be aggressive in the ad image, put pictures that draw attention but without them breaking any rules of Facebook ads policies, and the third way is: don’t put images of famous brands or people, as they can cause facebook to block your facebook branded content ads after posting your Carousel on facebook.

How much will I earn with Carousel on facebook?

The value you will earn with your Carousel on facebook is varied, as you will have several ways to use facebook ads, but I will answer your question as if you were going to start with the adsense program and not with sales, marketing commissions of affiliates or anything else, just adsense. Starting with your facebook ads audience, when you have your carousel on facebook, do audience tests, as well as image and title, because you need to see which feature caught people’s attention the most, and keep only them, the second tip for your facebook ad is: tell people what they get when they click on the facebook ads call to action, so that they feel tempted to enter your website and finally: deliver what they expected in the first texts, very similar With the Youtube strategy, you must show what made the person click on your Carousel on facebook in the first moments, so that they continue reading until the end and don’t want to jump right away.

Final warnings: After reading our article about our article about Carousel on facebook remember to always test your facebook app campaigns, website campaigns, product campaigns, among others, so that you can always reach the supermetrics facebook ads and make a good profit. Check back daily on our website and have updated and new content every day.

By Rodrigo